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Need help deciding which ACA/Marketplace  Plan is best for you and your family?

Our site will show all current available Utah Plans

Choose one of the 2 options below that best suits your needs.

First let’s decide how you want to proceed,

Option 1: If you feel comfortable and you have a basic knowledge of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, ObamaCare) and want to jump right in and get going, click on “ Begin Here ” to get a quote then start your application process.

You get a quote and subsidy estimate before  applying in Federal Market Place and actually enrolling in a plan.  Selecting a payment option and making payment is completed after the insurance company receive notice from the Federal Market Place of your selection. 

The new Smart App technology will only ask question pertinent to your situation based on your answer to question on first 3 screens/pages.

Click on this link.Begin Herefor a free quote on multiple carriers.

(As of Nov 1, 2015 – 20 of 29 counties only have one option. That may change at any time. It will be updated if and when that takes place.)


Option 2: Contact us by phone or email and we can assist you through the process. We can provide you quotes in side by side comparison on your email.

Information to have ready for quote.

Zip Code

Age/Gender for each person to be covered.

Is Employer coverage offered to anyone.

Household size and income.

 After you receive the email comparisons you can continue to self enroll or have us assist with part or all of the remaining process.


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